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Crime or Drug Information Submission Form


This is an anonymous Tip Form that can be used by the public for any information relating to crimes and any other activity or information that the La Porte City Police Department should be aware of. Please fill in all blanks that you can and feel comfortable filling in. All information given will be helpful. Examples of information that should be given, depending on the nature of the tip, include: identities of the suspect(s), if known; descriptions of the suspects, suspect vehicles and suspect residences; indications of timeframe and day(s) of the week that the activity is occurring and the identity of the landlord if it is a rental property. Other pertinent information that is very important to report includes whether or not you have observed hand to transaction if the suspected activity is drug dealing; whether the suspects possess firearms and whether or not there are children in the residence.

Background Information Section

Please provide the topic of your tip (Burglary, shoplifting, etc...


Enter the date your tip applies to, if it applies to a specific date:

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Enter the days of the week that your tip applies if it is ongoing problem that applies to certain days of the week:


Enter the time your tip applies to a specific time that the incident occurred:

-- hh:mm:ss am/pm

Enter the the timeframe that the problem tends occur in each day if it is ongoing problem that applies only certain when it is occurring:


Please provide as much information as you can concerning the issue or problem:

Suspect Information Section

Suspect's full name, first name, last name or nickname if known:

Suspect's address if known:

Suspect's telephone number if known:

Suspect's gang affiliation if known or suspected:

Suspect Gender: Suspect Race:   Suspect Ethnicity:

Hair Color:   Eye Color:   Complexion:   Body Build: Height:   Weight:

Facial Hair:   Facial Hair Color:   Tattoos:

Weapons in Residence:   Animals in Residence:   People in Residence:

Suspect's Vehicle's Description (If known):

Contact Information Section

Please provide your contact information if you choose to do so. It is not mandatory, but being able to contact you may help investigators better address the problem.

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